About us

Babylonia Trading is a young company that was founded on October 2021. We consist of a small team who are eager to provide customers with the right service for the right price.

We are engaged in the sale of B2C goods such as (refurbished) electronics,mobile phone accessories or A-brand watches and bracelets.

We are active on our own platforms, which you can see below.

In case of any problems, we would like to ask you to contact us at the customer service of our websites.


Due to the fact that our organization is growing at a fast pace, we are also looking for new employees who still keep our service in its entirety.

Are you the person who delves into improving our business processes such as happy customers? Then visit us at indeed.nl and look out vacancies we are in need and apply!

Visit the vacancie website




If you have any questions or are interested of our B2B stock daily update? You can always reach us at info@babyloniatrading.com.
CAUTION: This will not help you faster if you have problems with one of our websites. Please approach customer service from our websites first!